How often does the announcer call your name?

Join us at an LRP IMMERSION WEEKEND to help you tap into your potential and raise your game

We think with the right COACHING (and effort), most players SHOULD be able to rise to the next level.

That’s why we created our LRP Immersion Weekends … to help you  raise your game so you can make a lot more plays,  have a lot more fun and lower your P/E (price to enjoyment) ratio!

Join us for one of two Immersion Weekends in Fall, 2018:

October 12 – 14th and/or October 19 – 21st
New: October 26 – 28th

You will play two, fast, open, clean, four-man polo match games, focused on you, with a private coaching session in between.

Team USPA Coaches and former 10-goalers, Adam Snow and Owen Rinehart, will be your team captains.

Our experience coaching Team USPA tells us this is the best way to help you make big leaps in a short amount of time

We don’t just want you to play with the pros … We want you to play like them.

In the first game, on Friday, we are watching for those easy-fixes that we can help you with immediately: swing hiccups, stirrup length, positioning, transitions, etc.

We’ll have an asado that evening. Then a private coaching session on Saturday to work on what we saw. If you have specific concepts you want to work on, we can do that too.

Saturday night you are on your own for dinner or we can go out as a group for dinner in town.

Sunday, we’ll mix up the teams and play again.

This time it is a bit more competitive and gives you a chance to cement what we worked on.

Afterwards, we have lunch and a small trophy presentation.

If you’re tired of feeling in a rut, or just want to play some fun, fast polo, focused on you (instead of win at all costs) we’d love to have you join us for a weekend of competition and learning.

You will make new friendships and — through the guidance offered by experienced coaching — develop a foundation that you can use to take your game to the next level.

Bring your pro or come alone; either way, your polo will never be the same!

This Could Be You …

Fall 2018 Schedule

Join us at at an upcoming LRP Immersion Weekend to tap into your potential and raise your game

October 12 – 14, 2018

Each weekend is limited to four sponsors. One spot has been bought and paid for … that leaves only three. Don’t miss out!

October 19 – 21, 2018

Each weekend is limited to four sponsors. One spot is already spoken for. Pretty sure one of the remaining places has your name on it!

New Dates. Reserve Your Spot Now.

October 26 – 28th

Nothin' Finer Than Aiken SC!

More than just polo. Make it a polo vacation.

Those who live here know … there is no place like Aiken. So, as long as you’re coming to visit, we encourage you to take advantage of all the area has to offer.

If you are coming from out of town, we can recommend where to stay, where to put up your horses, where to eat, where to shop, what to see … or the best realtors. Just let us know.

It’s amazing how many of us came for a visit and had to stay!

Try Horses In Realistic Conditions

Aiken is home to many, many of the top breeders and trainers. There is no place else you can try so many horses, at wholesale prices. And no better way to try them than in real game conditions. So let us know if you would like us to set that up for you.

Enjoy Historic Downtown Aiken

In its heyday, Aiken was known as “the winter colony”. Wealthy northerners came to Aiken every year to escape the cold winters. Southerners came to escape the stifling heat and malaria. Aiken was the equestrian playground of American scions. They didn’t all come to Aiken because it sucked!

Join Us For An LRP Immersion Weekend

... to tap into your potential and raise your game

Reserve Your Weekend


In Wellington, this Immersion Weekend would cost you $35K, if you could even get it!

Your investment is only $5000, because it is in Aiken.


This includes two 8 - 12 goal matches and private coaching session with Adam and Owen. Additional services can be arranged upon request.

A $1000 deposit is required to reserve your spot, as there are only four per weekend. Deposit is refundable up until 30 days prior.

Click here if you  just want to pay the deposit for now.

What Past Participants Are Saying ...

“Never had a more enjoyable and educational weekend …”

“During my more than twenty years of playing polo I have never had a more enjoyable and educational weekend than last spring at Langdon Road Polo. Polo without the “winner take all” competition! Instead, 3 days of camaraderie, learning, riding hard and one on one time with Adam Snow, Owen Rinehart and Julian Daniels. I cannot recommend this pro-am polo weekend enough.”

Frank Stitt

“It’s Like Team USPA for the rest of us!”

“I was raised to 0 in 1993 I think? … and I’ve been one ever since. And not for lack of trying!

I did my first Immersion Weekend in the Fall of 2016. I did both in Spring of 2017.

In the final, of the last tournament of the Aiken Spring season, on Whitney Field, I got my FIRST EVER MVP! After 20+ years! And at 54 years old!!!

The very first thing I did was text Adam and Owen to share and say THANK YOU!

And you can bet I will be doing both Immersions in the Fall.”

Kim Snider
Aiken, South Carolina

Your Coaches

When you participate in our LRP Immersion Weekends, you will be playing with former 10-goalers Adam Snow and Owen Rinehart, 6-goal professional Julian Daniels, as well as local pros and Team USPA members who train with Adam and Owen each year.
Owen Rinehart

Former 10 goal professional and Polo Hall of Fame member. Currently rated 5 goals, Owen’s time is mostly spent on breeding top polo ponies at at his Isinya Farm and coaching Team USPA.

Adam Snow

Former 10 goal professional and Polo Hall of Fame member. Currently rated 5 goals. Adam is the polo commentator for NBC Sports and has just recently written a book, Polo Life, with his wife Shelley.

Julian Daniels

Currently rated 6 goals, Julian is a sought after pro, traveling between his home in Aiken, Wellington and Lexington KY each year.

Polo in Aiken Adam Snow Owen Rinehart

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